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Eric Pinton

amazon turtle lodge

Hello Erica 
Thanks for your mail and nice to hear about you.

The trip has been fantastic !

My feeling are the following :

- all the team has been extraodinary, all peaple are very friendly and very helpfull.... first with yourself, then from Daniel which pick up me at the hotel.
All the peaple in the lodge, has been so kind. It is wa pity they could speak ugues, as the communication was a bit difficult.
Anyhow, so far I got, they are real local person, which was then a value for me, and after a while we can communicate with simple words....

I believe, the team and the mind set is one the most big asset of your company.

- the guide , Enrique, has been perfect, deep know how of the Amazon and great life experience, a fair balance of learning, jokes and fantaisie

- the program were rather perfect, right timeing, right balane of jungle experience, sport session with Kanoe, visiting of local peaple, fishing, ... and resting.

- The lodge is very new, and thus very well maintained.
The room was more confortable on what I was expected, and thus I was very surpised and satisfied!
The room are very clean and bed is done even 2 times a day... Congratulation  for the great service!

The only item, I beleive you have to improve are the following.
I'd like to say, that , as I did appreciate your company and the lodge, that you should consider these not a complain, but as a suggestion to improve for better customer satisfaction and thus better commercial succes.

* Food, was always the same. Chiken, Pasta, Rice, salad and almost no fruit and no fish...
Cooker was excellent, so you should not blaim, I epect she is not reponsible of the menu.
I would have expected :
- more fish : Amazone has the most highest variety of fish in the world, and these fish are impossible for us to get in Europe.. So I was really expecting to taste....
I beleive , this should not be an issue for you , you can ask some local peaple to fish and to provide to the lodge, this should not bring high cost to you, but the visitor would be delighted to get so fresh fish !
- more fruit : Amazon has so high variety of fruit, like previsously, you can get from local people to approvision easaly !


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